Top 3

Kent Food Product Class – Specialist Non-Alcoholic Drink

  • Nims Fruit ProductsEdible Tea - Pineapple & Kiwi
  • SpadeworkElderflower Cordial
  • SpadeworkRhubarb Cordial
  • TickleberriesAronia Berry Juice

Kent Beer of the Year

  • Curious BrewCurious Brewing
  • Pale Ale MaryNorthdown Brewery
  • Gadds No 3Ramsgate Brewery

Excellence Award for Customer Service

  • Austens of RochesterRochester
  • The Curious EateryBoughton Monchelsea
  • The Food Shed at SpadeworkOffham

Kent Butcher Shop of the Year

  • Crouch ButchersBearsted
  • Hammonds ButchersMatfield
  • Shaun & Steve Omearas butchersSheerness

Kent Cider or Perry of the Year

  • Curious AppleCurious Brewing
  • SkylarkKentish Pip
  • Night BirdNightingale Cider Co

Kent Coffee Shop or Tea Room of the Year

  • Cafe NucleusRochester
  • The Little BullBrenchley
  • Oad Street Food & CraftsBorden

Kent Countryside Award

Kent Dining Pub/Bistro of the Year

  • The Butchers BlockBurham
  • The Curious EateryBoughton Monchelsea
  • The Marquis of GranbyAlkham

Kent Farm Diversification Award

  • Hinxden Farm DairyBenenden
  • Lower Ladysden FarmGoudhurst
  • Owlets Fruit JuiceLamberhurst

Kent Food Business of the Year

Kent Local Food Retailer of the Year

  • Austens of RochesterRochester
  • Flint & OakWesterham
  • Hadlow College Farm ShopHadlow

Kent Restaurant of the Year

Kent Tastiest Juice of the Year

  • Apple & Cherry JuiceBardsley England
  • Red Love Apple JuiceBiddenden Vineyard
  • Apple & Elderflower JuiceOwlets

Kent Food Product Class – Specialist Alcoholic Drink

  • Canterbury Brewers and DistillersSmuggler Sams Spiced Rum
  • MarourdeMead Spritz
  • MarourdeRose Spritz

Kent Food Product Class – Prepared Food

  • North Downs Real FoodTraditional Biltong
  • The Speedy SnailCeleriac and Apple Soup
  • The Speedy SnailKentish Blue Cheese and Broccoli Pasta Bake

Kent Food Product Class – Dairy

  • The Cheesemakers of CanterburyAshmore Farmhouse
  • Hinxden Farm DairyCreme Fraiche
  • Kingcott DairyKingcott Blue

Kent Food Product Class – Bakery & Confectionery

  • The Bakehouse at 124Apple Bun
  • The Bakehouse at 124Apple Sourdough
  • Speciality BreadsHuffkin

Kent Food Product Class – Ambient

  • CampbellAmaretto & Plum Jam
  • KarimixKentish Tomato Chutney
  • Kentish OilsCold Pressed Rapeseed Oil
  • Morghew Park EstateCold Pressed Rapeseed Oil
  • North Downs Real FoodBeef Dripping

Kent Wine of the Year

  • It is still sinking in that we have won the dairy class and then to also win the product of the year was truly humbling. It makes all the hard work and the trials and tribulations that go dairy farming and setting up the processing plant worth while.¬†We will now have to keep our standards high and keep working hard!Plurenden Manor FarmFood Product Classes - Dairy